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My 2nd Alfa racecar, a `67 Duetto, my college driver until graduation, This pic taken at College Station Tx. at then. Texas International Speedway

taken arround 1974 at Road Atlanta

Taken in Lakeland, Fl. circa 1971-72

1969 Runnoffs at Daytona sent to me by Paul Spruell, showing him, (won, as well as President`s Cup Winner that year) in his Giulietta

- My FP/EP 1962 Giulietta. A race car since new. The former Dick Jenkins, Treavor &Tom Bailey, and Jim Aurthurs Car.

The Giulietta EP car in the foreground with the "Datsun Antique Street Car" and the Alfa "GTR" on the chassis table in the far back.

Just another day in paradise, the hairpin at Daytona ) while winning the 2002 National in GT2

The SARRC champion resting before the race.

- The original intake system on the GT2 Alfa . The Design parameters were: " "hold the carbs there, I`ll weld the intake runners where I want them

Alfa "GTR" Project. Tube frame 2 seat "GT2" car for the street. Neerly 85% complete with all body , driveline, chassis wheels, tires, & fuel system

GTR progress pic showing rear suspension.

GTR chassis as it progressed

Looking back at the transaxle

One of the two "GTR" 3.0 liter motors. this one the 11.85 to 1, track motor.

The 11.85 track motor as fitted witha pair of custom designedone off "RJR" cams , programable fuel injection by Al Mitchell.

My friend Ned Yeaton`s GT2 Jaguar XKE Coupe. Taken in 2001 at Roebling Rd. The last weekend he was able to beat the Alfa.. What a pretty car.

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