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Many fabricated race car spares and parts are available. Most built to fit your specific car build.  If you want pictures, contact Richard at:

Alfa Garage

*Please serious buyers only*.

105/115 Aluminum castor bushings only LSD for 101/105 type.

(101/105 type) 4 disk set up LSD. Inc. axles, for late 1600/1750 rear ends. Fits smaller type ring & pinions.

Only one 119 Milano/GTV6 Dropped Spindles (dropped .75 inch) Steering arm modified for more Ackerman & bump steer.

Adjustable Cam sprockets for 6 cylinder, 12V 2.5 & 3.0 motors. A must for shaved heads or for proper cam timing with performance cams. New! Set of RJR V6 12V HP Street Race cams. These cams have lobe separation for great torque from 2500 to 7000. cam profiles and LCs (LSAs), and base circles, are built to fit specific engine builds and applications


FOR 116 Transaxle cars:
This is the ultimate flywheel & clutch application for 116 Transaxle race cars. The complete assembly including flywheel, clutch cover and clutch disk (Tilton triple disk) weigh under 10 pounds.
A triple Tilton with 3 new disk, custom 6.5 inch flywheel, matched to input shaft, and all related parts. Will sell with all needed components for conversion, includes Alfetta Slave cylinder, Release bearing, Alfetta clutch cover, Release arm. Designed to fit all transaxle (4 or 6 Cylinder cars). Clutch is rated at 800 lb ft Torque capacity.

For 1300/1600:
Flywheel with adaptor & AP Twin plate clutch assembly. With 105 tooth ring gear. Clutch is rated at 400 LB ft Torque.

For 2000cc (2 Liter)

Flywheel with Tilton OT II Twin Disk 7.25 clutch assembly.


116 Type Milano/GTV6 (larger dia. spindle) dropped .75 inch.
115 Type (late) dropped 1.00 inches.
(3) pair of aluminum caster bushings for 105/115 type upper arms
Pair of race prepared & ported V612V 3 Liter Heads Built from 164"L” heads
2 Liter Race ported Head with RJR cams installed


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